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(Almost) a whole live set on video


Dec 15, 2015 gig, Video, videos Comments are off

We had a great time playing the New Cross Inn earlier this month.

Thanks to Studio Brixton we now have video of almost the whole set.part3

The whole gig was live-streamed using a number of cameras, but unfortunately there were some technical issues with the stream, which meant that our part of the gig often went dark.

But video and sound from one of the cameras was saved – and here it is in three parts.

The Skamonics play Mandela


Dec 6, 2013 videos Comments are off

This is a video of a tune called Mandela by the South African jazz pianist Abdullah Ibrahim (known as Dollar Brand when he wrote this).

It’s not a great quality video and dates from 2007 when we were an exclusively instrumental band.

There is a story that Nelson Mandela was banned from hearing recorded music when he was incarcerated on Robben Island, but a lawyer smuggled in some music by Ibrahim and played it to him.

Playing the Cray Festival


Jul 7, 2013 festival, setlist, videos , , Comments are off

We had a lot of fun playing the Cray community festival yesterday. The sun had got his hat on, there was a good sound system and an appreciative audience. If we did cliches, this is where we would say ‘what’s not to like?’.

Well, perhaps we would have liked to play for a little longer as we only had time for a relatively short set:

  • Guns of Navarone
  • My Boy Lollipop
  • Price Tag
  • 99 Red Balloons
  • Tainted Love
  • Rudy, A message to you
  • Gangsters

Leah enjoys an ice cream before our set

We’ve got hold of some very lofi video of our performance. The quality is pretty poor, and the camera gets jolted a few times.

But you can see that we were having a good time, and even through the rubbish sound quality, you can tell it was a tight performance. It’s not going in our official video collection though.

This was one of our two horn gigs – something we do when there are short sets and someone can’t make it. But there will definitialy be three horns at our next gig.

Watch this space for more details.

Nigel with scooter

New live video – Price Tag


Jan 14, 2013 videos Comments are off

Here’s another video taken from our gig just before Christmas.

It’s not got the best sound, and one of the cameras had stopped by the time we played this, so quite a lot of the band remain invisible – a shame during the great trombone solo.

But we like the feel.

New video – Latin goes ska at the Sebright Arms


Jul 30, 2012 videos Comments are off

Here’s a video put together after our recent gig in Bethnal Green.

The sound is pretty good for a live show as we’ve mixed the sound from the PA with some from one of the cameras. That’s come out as well as you can expect.

The video comes from some not terribly good cameras stuck round the stage and left on during the gig. It’s hardly professional, and half the band are mostly out of shot. But it’s still fun.

Please bring a video camera to our gig


Jun 24, 2012 gig, videos Comments are off

If you are coming to our gig on Friday, it would be great if you could bring a video camera and catch some of our set.

We are going to try and record the sound as well as we can, so if we can get a range of videos we should be able to edit them together and sync them to the good sound.


The Skatalites are coming


Apr 23, 2012 Ska, videos Comments are off

If you like the Skamonics, then you have to like the Skatalites. They are the source of all the ska goodness in the world. Many of today’s ska bands look back to the two-tone era (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but we owe even more to the original 60s ska sounds, invented by the Skatalites.

And the current line-up are coming to the UK in May!

The tour dates are here.

And it gives us an excuse to show this video of the Skatalites doing one of the tunes we nicked off them.

Some question the strange covers we do and tell us they are not proper ska, but this was just as unexpected a choice when the Skatalites first played it.

So if you like the Skamonics, you’ll certainly love the Skatalites, and we like to think that if you like the Skatalites you will enjoy the Skamonics too.