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Resources for promoters and clients | The Skamonics - London ska band

This page has artwork and branding resources for promoters and clients, and our technical requirements. You can click the + or – signs in headings to expand or shut the content below.

artwork and design

Brand guidelines

Colours (click to enlarge image)

Skamonics colours

Fonts (click to enlarge)



Font download links

Logos (right click to download)


png with transparency

EPS version

png with transparency

png with transparency

EPS version

png with transparency

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EPS version

band photo (including hi-res versions)

You can click on the image below to get a larger version that can be used for the web. Or use the links below the photo to get hi-res versions.


hi-res version

hi-res black and white version

technical requirements for sound engineers

The Skamonics are a seven piece band:

  • lead vocals +keyboards – we prefer to DI the keyboards and use monitors rather than backline
  • alto sax
  • tenor sax + backing vocals
  • trombone + backing vocals – one shared microphone for all backing vocals
  • guitar – can provide backline – amp is miked if going through PA.
  • bass – can provide backline – prefer DI if bass is going through PA but can be miked.
  • drums

We are generally happy to share backline or use provided backline for bass and guitar.

Our standard stage layout is:





Or a mirror image.

Here’s a downloadable spec sheet.  techsheet21

technical requirements when we provide the PA

If we are providing the PA, these are what we need from a client.

  • car access – we need to unload two cars as close as possible to where we are playing (for the drums and PA) and will need parking for three or four cars.
  • time to set-up and sound check – it takes us at least an hour (and preferably 75 minutes) to set our equipment up and get the sound as good as possible. It is not sensible for this to happen with guests in the same room so needs to be done before the function uses that room.
  • lighting – we do not have our own lights to either light the stage or the dance-floor. We like to have some light on stage as we need to read music (though can use music stand lights.)
  • power – we need at least one – and preferably two – 13 amp sockets where we are playing.
  • enough room – we have often played in rooms without proper stages, but we still need enough space to fit a seven piece band and a PA.