Jazzy ska from London

Meet the Skamonics

Chris Williams

Alto Sax

Chris graduated from Middlesex University in 2004 with 1st Class Honours in Jazz Studies. He is also a member of the Mercury Prize nominated Led Bib and Guardian 4 star reviewed Let’s Spin, not to mention so many other projects we can’t keep up. Nice.

Annie Springford


Text to come. Text to come. Text to come. Text to come.Text to come. Text to come.Text to come. Text to come.Text to come. Text to come.

Veronica Martell


Veronica Martell is the band’s singer and tickles the odd ivory substitute. Veronica is an experienced vocalist who has sung jazz, soul and rock across London. Her other gig is with the City Lit Acapella group, but she would rather be Bruce Springsteen’s backing singer.

Nigel Stanley

Bass guitar

Holding down the bottom end is the band’s veteran, Nigel Stanley on bass guitar. He is old enough not only to remember when some of the band’s tunes were hits the first time round, but also running away from the skinheads who loved them.He also plays jazz in the City Lit Big Band and the Brent Jazz Orchestra.Nigel writes many of the Skamonics arrangements. It’s how he keeps the bass parts easy to play.

Mark Huggett


One of the most versatile drummers on the London jazz and ska scene, Mark has worked extensively with ska legends, free improvisers, classic big bands, latin groups and singer-song writers: basically everyone. He regularly plays with The Trojans and Annie Whitehead; and co-leads Anglo-South African jazz group – the Dan Wilson Mark Huggett project.He records and produces, including a cd nominated for jazz album of the year in South Africa. Mark has performed live with Prince Buster, Jason Rebello, Jean Toussaint and Dudley Phillips

Frank Cooke


Drenched in the blues, Frank Cooke has played guitar in bands in Cambridge and London. He also plays in the Astrojets in which surf guitar gets down and dirty with 60s R&B, and in a rare modern setting )at least for the Professor 70s band, the Electric Cucumbers. He has a sideline in manufacturing and repairing guitar amps, and never uses the same vintage amp twice at gigs.